Cost-Effective Composite Production

The WEAV3D composite forming machine combines weaving and composite consolidation into an automated, continuous process, which reduces waste, cycle time, and material handling costs. Composite parts fabricated using this technology can reduce part cost by up to 50% when compared to carbon fiber composites formed using traditional methods.

Optimized for High-Volume Production

The WEAV3D composite forming machine is designed to scale through integration with existing high-volume composite processes, including continuous lamination, D-LFT compression molding, and injection molding. The composite lattice coming off of the WEAV3D machine can be trimmed and overmolded in a continuous production line, enabling cycle times of 5 minutes or less.

Multi-Material Capability

The WEAV3D composite forming machine can process a wide range of continuous, fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes, with melt temperatures up to 400° C. The machine allows the user to vary weave pattern, lattice density, and tape-type (carbon, aramid, and glass), enabling complete control over the strength, stiffness, and cost of the final part.

Composite Forming Steps

The Team

Christopher Oberste, Ph.D.

Founder, Lead Researcher
Christopher Oberste holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Bachelor of Polymer and Fiber Engineering from Auburn University. Christopher spent 1.5 years as a process engineer at GKN Aerospace North America as part of the Auburn University co-op program, gaining hand-on experience with state-of-the art composite manufacturing techniques. As a result of his experiences, Christopher chose to focus his Ph.D. thesis on developing novel, low-cost composite forming technologies, including the WEAV3D composite forming machine. He is named as the lead inventor on two patent applications related to his Ph.D. research. While completing his Ph.D., he participated in the Georgia Tech TI:GER program, receiving a doctoral minor in technology commercialization. TI:GER involved working with a multidisciplinary team of MBA and JD students to develop a commercialization plan for the WEAV3D technology.

Lewis Motion

Lewis Motion holds an MBA from Georgia Tech and a Bachelor of Science in Management from the United States Coast Guard Academy. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the US Coast Guard. Lewis possesses 9 years of experience as a military aviator serving as an Aircraft Commander for Coast Guard Search and Rescue, Migrant, and Humanitarian missions as well as a Mission Commander for Coast Guard Specialized Aviation Missions. In addition to these roles, Lewis gained 8.5 years of experience as a government contracting officer and financial officer with the Coast Guard, where he was responsible for contract negotiation, budgeting, and administrative activities. While completing his MBA, Lewis participated with Christopher in the Georgia Tech TI:GER program, and also served as COO for the Southeast Investor Group.

Advisory Board

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Jonathan Goldman Georgia Tech VentureLab

Jonathan Goldman recently returned to Georgia Tech VentureLab, after helping cultivate the program just after its inception from 2002 to 2007. During that period, he helped spin up several hardware-based companies including Nuventix, Verco Materials, and LumoFlex. In 2007, he was instrumental in forming solar firm Suniva, and left to become its Director of Business Development. During his 5-year tenure at VentureLab, he assisted more than 10 companies that, collectively, raised more than $300 million in venture and grant funding. He most recently served as CTO and VP of Engineering, for Hydro Phi Technologies, a hydrogen-on-demand technology targeted at reducing fuel and emissions in buses and heavy trucks. He has 2 patents pending from innovations he led at HydroPhi.

Nicole Morris Emory University School of Law

Nicole Morris is a member of the faculty at Emory University School of Law. She is a professor in practice and director of the TI:GER program. As a professor in practice, her areas of expertise include patent law, patent litigation, patent prosecution, IP licensing, and strategy. Prior to joining the Emory faculty, Professor Morris was the former managing patent counsel at The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia. While at The Coca-Cola Company, Nicole was responsible for the development and implementation of the Company’s global patent strategy and providing day-to-day advice & counseling to business stakeholders, including freedom-to-operate and competitive assessments and counseling concerning IP related agreements.

Michael Vitek Entrepreneur

Michael Vitek is an entrepreneur and executive-level professional with 20+ years of technical, operational and business consulting experience. Most recently, Mr. Vitek worked at Mercedes-Benz Technology North America in Troy, Michigan as Vice President of Business Development and Managing Director of their Consulting Practice. There he was responsible for the firm’s start-up, Profit and Loss, Resource Management, and Global Client Management. Since 2013, Mr. Vitek has worked as an independent technology development advisor to several firms, including ACTANO, ITHAKA, IAV, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz, Ingersoll Rand, Entrega, Coavis, Toyota Gosai, BE Aerospace, Battery Solutions, MDE International, Intertek, and Eaton Corporation. Mr. Vitek holds a bachelor degree of science in engineering with emphasis of manufacturing systems and electrical engineering.

Dr. Ben Wang Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute

Dr. Ben Wang is the Executive Director of Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute and currently serves on the National Materials and Manufacturing Board. He holds the Gwaltney Chair in Manufacturing Systems in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering and is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. As Executive Director of Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, Dr. Wang is responsible for the development of an integrated, campus-wide manufacturing innovation strategy and the execution of that strategy. Working closely with a team of professionals in business incubation, economic development, intellectual property, technology transfer and various engineering and science disciplines, he is in the process of creating an innovation ecosystem for advanced manufacturing.

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Awards, Grants & Patents


Grand Prize, Megawatt Ventures: $50,000 – 2017

1st Place, TIECON Southeast Young Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition – Apr 2017

2nd Place, Georgia Bowl Business Plan Competition – Feb 2017

3rd Place, Department of Energy’s Cleantech University Prize: $20,000 – 2017

Runner-up, Georgia Tech Venture Lab Pitch Competition – Feb 2017

Finalist, Georgia Tech Start-up Competition – Feb 2016

Semifinalist, University of Oregon New Venture Championship – Apr 2017



National Science Foundation, Innovation Corps: $50,000 – July 2016

Georgia Center of Innovation for Manufacturing, Student Startup Funds: $8,000 – May 2016

Georgia Research Alliance, Phase 1 Funding: $50,000 – Mar 2015



Oberste, C. et al. 2015. Interlaced Three-Dimensional Printed Composites and Method for Fabricating the Same. US Patent No. 9,809,926, Issue date: November 7th, 2017.

Oberste, C. et al. 2016.  System and Methods for Continuous Fabrication of Woven Composite Materials. WO. Patent Pending

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